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Samah Larabi

Samah Larabi is a post-doctoral scientist in hydrology at PCIC. Her work at PCIC focus on the hydrodynamic modelling of reservoirs and investigation of the potential impact of climate change on the management of water release and fish habitat. Samah earned her Phd in water sciences at INRS-ETE in Quebec and holds an engineering degree in Mathematics and Modelling from Polytech Clermont-Ferrand, Graduate School of Engineering, in France. Her doctoral research focused on the development of innovative automatic calibration methods for hydrological models.

Qiaohong Sun

Qiaohong Sun is a Post-Doctoral Scientist with PCIC. She is contributing to the Global Water Futures project and conducting research on the physical processes affecting precipitation extremes for short (sub‐daily) accumulation periods and their possible changes. Qiaohong’s research interests include the uncertainty of climate observations, the detection and attribution of hydrologic and climatic extremes, and the influences of air-sea interactions.

Whitney Huang

Whitney Huang is a statistician who has a particular interest in developing statistical methods/models for climate research. His research interests include statistics of extremes, spatio-temporal statistics, and design and analysis of computer experiments. His ultimate research goal, as a statistician, is to bridge the gap between Statistics and the Atmospheric/Oceanic Sciences.

Kai Tsuruta

Dr. Kai Tsuruta joined PCIC as part of the Global Water Futures project after completing his PhD in forestry from the University of British Columbia. Kai's doctoral research focused on the development of a large-scale sediment transport model to study the potential impacts of a changing climate on the sediment dynamics of the Fraser River Basin in British Columbia. His work at PCIC will contribute to a multi-model hydrological study that aims to develop and adapt models to inform future water-related decision making.

Mohamed Ali Ben Alaya

Mohamed Ali Ben Alaya is a post-doctoral research fellow with the Global Water Futures project working on a climate related precipitation extremes project, in which he is studying estimates of precipitation extremes to inform engineering design.

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