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Cairo Sanders

Cairo Sanders is a co-op student working with the Computational Support Group at PCIC and is working primarily on the Data Analytics for Canadian Climate Services (DACCS) project. She is in her fourth year of the Psychology and Computer Science Combined (B.Sc.) degree program at the University of Victoria and minoring in Statistics. She is mostly interested in data analytics and machine learning. Outside of computing she is interested in the arts, the outdoors, and social psychology.

Nikola Rados

Nikola Rados is a DevOps Specialist who works to build infrastructure to develop and deploy the next generation of climate data analytics applications. His position is part of the multi-institutional collaborative “Data Analytics for Canadian Climate Services (DACCS)” project funded by a Canada Foundation for Innovation Cyberinfrastructure grant. Nikola is part of the Computational Support Group's team who are building continuous delivery pipelines, and a system for public-facing, on-demand climate data computation. 

Seoncheol Park

Seoncheol Park is a PCIC Post-Doctoral Research Fellow. His position is part of a collaboration between the Canadian Statistical Sciences Institute, the pan-Canadian Global Water Futures project, and PCIC. He is developing and applying statistical approaches based on extreme value theory in order to study the potential impacts of changes in drought-related extremes.

Samah Larabi

Samah Larabi is a post-doctoral scientist in hydrology at PCIC. Her work at PCIC focus on the hydrodynamic modelling of reservoirs and investigation of the potential impact of climate change on the management of water release and fish habitat. Samah earned her Phd in water sciences at INRS-ETE in Quebec and holds an engineering degree in Mathematics and Modelling from Polytech Clermont-Ferrand, Graduate School of Engineering, in France. Her doctoral research focused on the development of innovative automatic calibration methods for hydrological models.

Mohamed Ali Ben Alaya

Mohamed Ali Ben Alaya is a post-doctoral research fellow with the Global Water Futures project working on a climate related precipitation extremes project, in which he is studying estimates of precipitation extremes to inform engineering design.

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