Furthering Our Understanding of the Climate

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Weather Files

Future shifted weather files have been produced at each of the locations in British Columbia in the CWEC 2016 datatset. Files are available in the EPW file format which that dataset uses, for three different 30-year periods: the 2020s (roughly current conditions), the 2050s, and the 2080s. Each file is produced usingĀ the RCP8.5 concentration pathway, which is a relatively high emissions scenario. If the planet follows a lower emissions trajectory such as RCP4.5, roughly consistent with 2 degrees of warming since the pre-industrial period globally, the 2050s RCP8.5 file would be roughly representative of conditions in 2070s instead. The future-shifting (morphing) follows a modified version of the method described inĀ Ek et al., where a rolling 21-day smoothing is applied to daily adjustments and adjustments are made only to the temperature and humidity variables in this version of the files.