Providing Regional Climate Services to British Columbia

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PCIC Welcomes New Climatologist

PCIC is pleased to welcome its newest staff member, Dr. Faron Anslow. Faron will be working as Climatologist with the PCIC's Climate Analysis and Monitoring Theme. His work will focus specifically on the creation of historical climate records in British Columbia to establish a baseline against which climate variability and change in the province can be assessed. These data will be used to develop high-resolution, monthly climatology maps of BC in a collaborative effort with the PRISM group at Oregon State University. This information will be used for near real-time climate monitoring for application by climate stakeholders.

Prior to joining PCIC, Faron worked as a postdoc at UBC exploring the effects of long-term climate change on alpine glaciers. He earned his PhD in Geology at Oregon State University and his MSc in Geography from the University of Calgary.