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PICS Launches "Climate Insights 101" Short Course

The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS) has launched an innovative series of free online climate change short courses for civil servants and British Columbians. The series titled "Climate Insights 101" uses animation, interviews and interactive elements to educate and engage its users on the subject of climate science.

Module one, entitled "Climate Science Basics" consists of an introduction and four 30-minute lessons:

  • Lesson 1 - CO2 and the Greenhouse Effect
  • Lesson 2 - Climate Change: Mother Nature’s Influence
  • Lesson 3 - Observable Changes
  • Lesson 4 - Introduction to Climate Modelling

Expert content has been provided by PICS Executive Director Tom Pedersen and PCIC Director Francis Zwiers, with additional input from Environment Canada and the BC Ministry of Environment.

Pedersen says the courses provide a vital bridge between the scientific community and BC’s 26,000 civil servants who help inform and shape the province’s policies and planning. "People who don’t work in science are often intimidated by it, so these courses will go a long way towards demystifying the physics of the climate change we are seeing. It makes traditionally tough subject matter accessible as well as entertaining."

The first module is now available online from the PICS website. Next year will see the launch of module two "Regional Climate Change and its Impacts", module three "Adaptation" and module four "Mitigation".

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