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New Publication: PCIC UPDATE (Spring 2012)

The Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium is pleased to present the Spring 2012 issue of PCIC Update.

In this Issue

  • 2011 in BC Normal or Not?: Faron Anslow, PCIC Climatologist, asks "was 2011 really a typical year?" from a climatologists perspective.
  • Project Focus: Hydrological Impacts of Climate Change in the Fraser River Basin
  • New PCIC Publications:
  • Modelling Spatial and Temporal Variability of Hydrologic Impacts of Climate Change in the Fraser River Basin, British Columbia, Canada
  • Downscaling Extremes - an Intercomparison of Multiple Statistical Methods for Present Climate
  • Planning for Climate Change Adaptation: Lessons Learned from a Community-Based Workshop
  • PCIC on the Road: PCIC staff report on their experiences at professional workshops and events
  • A Renewed Outlook: New Five-Year Research Plans for the PCIC applied research themes
  • PCIC Welcomes New Research Assistant Hannah Imhof

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