Providing Regional Climate Services to British Columbia

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PCIC Participation in the 46th Annual CMOS Congress

PCIC researchers will be among the more than 600 scientists from around the world meeting in Montreal this week, between May 29th and June 1st, for the 46th annual CMOS Congress, which is being organized jointly with the 21st American Meteorological Society Conference on Numerical Weather Prediction and the 25th American Meteorological Society Conference on Weather Analysis and Forecasting.

PCIC is proud to be one of the sponsors of this year's CMOS Congress, the theme of which is, "The Changing Environment and its Impact on Climate, Ocean and Weather Services." The scientists attending this year's talk will be discussing the changes occurring to our environment, the associated impacts and how best to evaluate these changes and impacts. Topics covered at the Congress range from providing climate services to vulnerable societies, to data assimilation, to general topics in oceanography and the atmospheric sciences.

PCIC Climatologist Faron Anslow will be presenting a talk titled, "Methods for calculating surface temperature anomalies and trends in the province of British Columbia." In this talk he will be discussing an approach for producing regional surface temperature anomalies in near real-time as well as the potential costs in reliability for developing these estimates using uncorrected data.

PCIC climatologist Alex Cannon will be presenting a talk titled, "Attributes and challenges of regional climate service delivery: The Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium experience," in which he will discuss PCIC's service objectives, the evolution of the climate service delivery system in Canada, desirable characteristics of a regional climate service centre, and challenges yet to be faced in the development and delivery of regional climate data.

Mr. David Grimes, President of the World Meteorological organization and Assistant Deputy Minister and Head of the Meteorological Service of Canada, will be the keynote speaker of the conference. More information is available on the CMOS Congress's website.