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New PCIC Science Brief: Increasing Drought Due to Global Warming in Observations and Models

PCIC Science Briefs are a regular series of brief reports on recent climate science literature, relevant to stakeholders in the Pacific and Yukon Region of Canada. PCIC has developed these briefs because we recognize the need for a bridge between the cutting edge of climate science research and the various stakeholders who need access to this knowledge, in plain-language reports, filtered for regional relevance, and suitable for consideration in planning and adaptation. The PCIC Science Briefs contextualize and explain the results and implications of important scientific findings. 

This Science Brief focuses on recent work in the journal Nature Climate Change by Aiguo Dai (2013). Dai examined observational data and climate model output to see how sea surface temperatures and aridity (decreased streamflow and precipitation) changed over time and to find any similarities in the features of these changes. He then used model projections for the 21st Century to calculate potential changes in global aridity. This work is potentially important for anyone in British Columbia who has an interest in changing drought conditions.
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Dai, A., 2012: Increasing drought under global warming in observations and models. Nature Climate Change, 3, 52–58.