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New Publication: Climate Extremes in the Canadian Columbia Basin

PCIC is pleased to present our report for the Columbia Basin Trust, "Climate Extremes in the Canadian Columbia Basin: A Preliminary Assessment," available from our Publications Library. In addition, this research has been published as a paper in the peer-reviewed journal, Atmosphere Ocean.

In order to include potential changes to the climate and associated climate-related impacts in regional planning, projections of changes to the local climate must be considered. An important aspect of this is the projected change in climate extremes. This project uses the output of an ensemble of regional climate models, driven by gridded reanalysis data over the historical period and the output of global climate models for projections of the future, to generate and analyze indices of climate extremes, as well as changes to the return periods for extreme climate events, for the Columbia Basin. This project is a part of the Columbia Basin Trust's Communities Adapting to Climate Change Initiative, a pilot project focused on selected communities in the basin.

Murdock, T.Q., S.R. Sobie, F.W. Zwiers and H.D. Eckstrand, 2013: Climate Change and Extremes in the Canadian Columbia Basin. Atmosphere-Ocean, 51, 4, 456-469.