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PCIC Lead Hydrologist Quoted in Canadian Geographic

PCIC Lead Hydrologist Markus Schnorbus was quoted in an article on the Fraser River in Canadian Geographic magazine. The article explores the climate-exacerbated impacts of pine beetle infestation and forest harvesting on the Fraser River. The article also explains how these will affect runoff, river temperature and, as a result, people and ecosystems that depend on the Fraser. In his quote, Schnorbus discusses his research (Schnorbus et al., 2010), in which he has found a link between the beetle infestations, forest harvesting and runoff. Canadian Geographic magazine is published by the Royal Canadian Geographic Society. Read the article on the Canadian Geographic website.

The report detailing Markus's research is available from Natural Resources Canada.

Schnorbus, M., K. Bennett and A. Werner, 2010: Quantifying the water resource impacts of mountain pine beetle and associated salvage harvest operations across a range of watershed scales: Hydrologic modeling of the Fraser River Basin. Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service, Pacific Forestry Centre, Victoria, BC. Information Report BC-X-423. 64 p.