Providing Regional Climate Services to British Columbia

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PCIC Meeting Series: Climate Analysis and Monitoring

The Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium is hosting a three part series of meetings designed to engage users on our research themes. This first meeting, on October 10th in Victoria BC, will be focused on the Climate Analysis and Monitoring (CAM) theme which works to characterize past and present climate and climate variability in British Columbia. 
This meeting will allow users interested in the results and development of the CAM theme to meet our researchers. It will serve as an introduction and opportunity to users to be familiarized with the development of a repository for station-based climate data in the province, the production of high resolution maps of temperature and precipitation climatology, and additional projects describing extreme precipitation and regional climate anomalies.
The meeting will allow for a two-way exchange between users of CAM services and the developers of CAM products. We will take stock of the research and results to-date and present the roadmap for the theme’s near future. Input from the meeting will help focus theme activities on dissemination of information and provision of data that is relevant to stakeholder’s needs and objectives.
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