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PCIC Responds to Media Requests Regarding Recent Flooding

Throughout the recent atmospheric river event and the flooding that accompanied it, PCIC’s research team has been answering media requests, to share their knowledge of the climate system with the general public and place the recent atmospheric river event in the context of our current understanding of the climate system. In addition to the interviews and comments provided by PCIC Director Dr. Francis Zwiers, other PCIC scientists have been sharing their expertise. Speaking in the Globe and Mail in an article on the recent damage to highways from flooding and washouts, the lead of PCIC’s Hydrologic Impacts theme, Markus Schnorbus, discussed how these events are in line with what research suggests will happen in a warming climate. Faron Anslow, the lead of PCIC’s Climate Analysis and Monitoring theme, discussed atmospheric river events on CTV News. In a another CTV news article, the acting lead of PCIC’s Regional Climate Impacts theme, Charles Curry, commented on the potential of an atmospheric river warning system.